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Resolutions by the General Assembly

Around 600 GEMA members took part in the General Assembly from 15 to 17 May 2022. They discussed questions about the future shape of their association and decided on innovations in the rules and regulations.

Voting results

The AGM’s main discussion topics included the future design of GEMA’s organization as well as new elements of our framework, especially GEMA’s statutes and distribution plan. As such, GEMA is now able to represent more new statutory remuneration rights on behalf of its members. These rights are provided to creators by the German “Urheberrechts-Diensteanbieter-Gesetz (UrhDaG)”, the Act on the Copyright Liability of Online Content Sharing Service Providers. Moreover, GEMA members agreed on the change of the statutes which allows GEMA to use the new “extended collective licence” model (ECL) which has already been successfully applied in other countries. As in the previous year, some of the other motions referred to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and were aiming at cushioning the income losses of many members, especially in the live sector, and counteracting distribution distortions.

Further information with respect to the relevant agenda items can be accessed here:

Agenda item 10Expansion of the purpose of the association regarding the rights management of works by external parties
Agenda item 11Adjustment of the calculation of the minimum income to acquire full membership for the 2022 calendar year due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Agenda item 12En bloc elections
Agenda item 13Amendments to the internal rules of procedure for the Complaints Committee
Agenda item 14            

Collective examination procedure for enforced publishing cases


Explanation video on agenda item 14

Agenda item 15            

Adjustments due to the copyright reform


Explanation video on agenda item 15

Agenda item 16Obligation to notify current details for electronic communication purposes
Agenda item 17            

Adjustment of the deadlines for work declarations and change notifications in the online sector


Additional information on agenda item 17

Agenda item 18Detailed statements
Agenda item 19Due date for claims/complaints
Agenda item 20xtension of the option to get a higher rating for electroacoustic music in the serious music / E category
Agenda item 21Deletion of the factors for swimming pools
Agenda item 22Adjustment of the distribution in the M category for the 2022 financial year due to the corona pandemic
Agenda item 23Hardship rule in the M category
Agenda item 24Specification of the appeal procedure before the Works Committee
Agenda item 25COVID-19 compensation
Agenda item 26Adjustment of the election cycle for the Rating Committee for the rating procedure of the composers in the serious music / E category to the other governing bodies’ elections
Agenda item 27Reform of the arranger participation
Agenda item 28Duplicate claims