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If I am a reprint arranger or a reprint publisher, do I automatically participate in GEMA pay-outs?

If you are a reprint publisher who has been authorised by the original or sub-publisher, you can distribute the work in your own print edition. You therefore benefit from the paper business but you usually will not participate in the income that the musical work generates by way of GEMA collections.

Except where, apart from the authorisation to create a print edition (reprint rights), you also received an arrangement authorisation from the rightsholders (creator and/or publisher) of the works which stipulates that you are also participating in the GEMA income. You must have duly acquired the reprint and arrangement rights from the original resp. sub-publisher. The agreement that you and the other publishing party have entered into must also stipulate whether a participation as an arranger in accordance with the GEMA distribution plan has been authorised or excluded. A publishing agreement which has only been entered into between a reprint publisher and a so-called reprint arranger is therefore not a sufficient prerequisite in order to participate in GEMA collections if you are an arranger.

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