I have submitted a membership application. How long does it take to be processed? Do I get a provisional membership number?

Due to the fact that we receive many applications, it usually takes a few weeks for them to be processed. We do, however, strive to complete the procedure as quickly as possible. Should you, for important reasons, require a membership number up front, please contact us by phone or write an e-mail to mitgliederpartner@gema.de.

If you have met all requirements, your membership application will be processed. You now receive a written confirmation that you can be accepted as a member and, together with other important information such as statutes, distribution plan, payment information regarding the admission fee and membership fee and information on how to declare your works.

The Deed of Assignment will also usually be sent to you digital in form for electronic signature purposes. After your identity has been verified and you have provided your electronic signature, a digital countersignature will be made by us. Please note that the agreement can only be countersigned if we verified the receipt of the admission fee plus membership fee. The admission procedure is thus concluded. You are now a member of GEMA.

It is only now that we automatically create an online access for the e-mail address that you have provided in the membership application and activate the Online Portal for GEMA members. Next, you receive a link which enables you to assign your own password and to activate your online account.


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