How can I report music uses?

1) Music in public

a) Event

  • Concert
  • Theatre performance
  • Festival
  • Party/celebration/dance/balls
  • Disco
  • Carnival
  • Processions/street parades
  • Mass
  • Self-made copies 
  • Film presentation/slide show etc.
  • Sports event
  • Spoken word cabaret, comedy, reading etc.
  • Outdoor markets

b) Permanent music use

  • Retail, service sector, doctors etc.
  • Catering, restaurants and hotels etc.
  • Hotel and guest rooms 
  • Music in amusement halls
  • Swimming pools, saunas, indoor climbing walls etc.
  • Copying of sheet music
  • Self-made copies

you can simply and quickly report your music use via the Online Portal. In this case, you first determine the price via the price calculator.

2) If you report music on the internet, please use our licence shop.

3) Or do you wish to licence sound recordings? You can do this via our online service Product application.

4) All tariffs which have not been integrated into said tools can be reported by using a form. An overview can be accessed under tariffs & forms.

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