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What do I have to consider if I upload videos with music on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram?

For fee-based live streams on Facebook/Instagram, you must acquire a licence for linear streaming (tariff VR-OD 10, II.2.b.2 licence package music on demand streaming) from us. You can notify us of music usages under this tariff in our Onlineportal

By the way, donations also count among the income of live streams (linear streams). A distinction is made, however, whether the donations have been made voluntarily or whether a donation must be paid e.g. in line with the selection in order to be able to access the contents. If donations are voluntary, you do not have to acquire a separate licence because GEMA already has an agreement with Facebook/Instagram. If the donation does, however, have to be paid (in line with the selection), you will need to acquire a licence for linear streaming from us.

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