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What do I have to consider if I upload videos with music on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram?

Please note, however, that regardless of existing licence agreements, users who upload videos with music on platforms may have to regularly acquire additional required rights from the rightsholders. By way of example, we want to mention neighbouring rights/master rights (label) when you use original master recordings and film synchronisation rights/adaptation rights (usually the music publisher) at this point.

Synchronisation rights in the repertoire represented by GEMA for film works that are created by users of the a.m. platforms and uploaded to such services, are only considered as subject matter of the existing licence agreements provided that the users do not act on the basis of a commercial activity and do not generate substantial income with their activities. We provide more information for non-private users about music in videos

Synchronisation rights in the advertising sector are not managed by GEMA. The licence to authorise the use of a musical work for advertising purposes in each individual case, or to prohibit such a use, shall remain with the rightsholder and must be requested from them, or, in the case of a published work, from the music publisher.

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